Triangle 각(角)
3 channel video
13min 13sec, 13min 13sec, 9min 35sec

*List of Video Clips:
-Video Clip#1: Triangle-Ant 각(角)-개미_13min 13sec_2016
-Video Clip#2: Triangle-Guy 각(角)-남자_13min 13sec_2016
-Video Clip#3: Triangle-Voyager 1 각(角)-보이저1호_9min 35sec_2016

*Performer: Seo Bohyung

*Exhibition History:
2019 Solo Exhibition 'in between 0.013 seconds', Sehwa Museum of Art(Seoul, South Korea)
2016 Wrap Around the Time, Nam June Paik Art Center(Yongin, S.Korea)

Triangle 각(角), 2016

installation viewinstallation view      Video Clip#1: Ant(13min 13sec)    Video Clip#2: Guy(13min 13sec)    Video Clip#3: Voyager 1(9min 35sec)