Solo Exhibition at Kunst Doc Gallery(Seoul, 2010)

*Performance at:
-The Extreme Private Practice 2(golf)@LG Palace Building Rooftop at Line 2 Hongik Univ. July 26 2010. 5pm~6pm
-The Extreme Private Practice 1(bat)@Cheonggyecheon, Seoul Plaza, July 9 2010. 9pm~11pm
-The Extreme Private Practice 0(bat)@Line2 Samseong Station in Seoul. Jun 26 2010 10pm~24pm
                    (Uruguay vs Korea Republic - The matches of 2010 FIFA World Cup)

The Extreme Private Practice is a performance in which I placed messages inside of plastic balls and bat them into the city’s environment for others to discover. It reflects my interest in art as a social intervention. It concerns our anxiety and worry about being under the control and tight grip of our capitalist system. It is a solitary act of liberation and protest using a baseball bat and golf club and plastic balls. The plastic balls carry messages such as “The stock market is fraud,” and “Stop the war machine!,” and and various instructions for actions to relieve anxiety such as “If you feel isolated from the rest of the world, tear a newspaper into thin strips and connect them into one long string.”

'극사적 실천'는 예술의 사회적 실천에 대한 고민이 반영된 수행적 작업이다. 이 작업은 자본주의 체제와 정보사회에서 어떠한 개인도 자유로울 수 없는 현실에 대한 불안감을 반영하고 있다. 본인은 통제/관리시스템 사회에서 탈주하기 위한 은밀하고 고독한 심리행위를 도시 공간 곳곳(건물 옥상, 텅 빈 저녁 골목길 등)에서 감행하였다. 또한 우연한 상황을 과감히 받아들이고 예상치 못한 변화의 가능성을 열어두기 위해, 길 위에서 행위를 하였고, 이를 소셜네트워크와 웹상에서 라이브 방송하였다.

installation view#1installation view#1   installation view#1installation view#1   installation view#2installation view#2   installation view#3installation view#3   installation view#4installation view#4   installation view#6installation view#6