Square 방(方)
4 channel video(7min 58sec)

*List of Video Clips:
-Video Clip#1: Square 1 방(方)1_7min 58sec_2016
-Video Clip#2: Square 2 방(方)2_7min 58sec_2016
-Video Clip#3: Square 3 방(方)3_7min 58sec_2016
-Video Clip#4: Square4 방(方)4_7min 58sec_2016

*Performers: Kim Hongbin, Sung Younghee, Lee Sujin, Kim Chuljoong
*Thanks to: Yoo Misoon, Kim Yongho

*Exhibition History:
2019 Solo Exhibition 'in between 0.013 seconds', Sehwa Museum of Art(Seoul, South Korea)
2018 Solo Exhibition 'The Kkwaenggwari. The Milky Way. A Letter', Gonggansail(Seoul, S.Korea)
2016 Wrap Around the Time, Nam June Paik Art Center(Yongin, S.Korea)

Square 방(方), 2016

installation view @Gonggansail, Seoul, S.Koreainstallation view @Gonggansail, Seoul, S.Korea   installation view @Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, S.Koreainstallation view @Nam June Paik Art Center, Yongin, S.Korea      video clip#1_1    video clip#1_2    video clip#1_3    video clip#1_4    video clip#1_5    video clip#1_6