My Way 나의 길
single channel video

-Written by Minkyu Kim
-Camera by RYU Biho
-Narration by Kyuho Lee

*Exhibition History:
2012 우리[WOO:RI] : interrelationship between you, myself and us, TINA B. Prague Contemporary Art Festival, BIO OKO Art Cinema(Prague, Czech Republic)
2008 Korea Episode 1, Alternative Space LOOP(Seoul, S.Korea)

My Way is a video work that depicts a South Korean citizen’s life observing and thinking of his surroundings, using first person narration. Through a narrative of a married salaried man’s meditation on his family, work, societal system, surveillance, and security system, superimposed over random scenes in South Korea, I wanted to show the struggle, yet acceptance of, the societal system imposed on average citizens in South Korea.

My way(나의 길)은 무한 경쟁사회와 통제시스템 그리고 알 수 없는 미래에 대한 책임과 의무감으로 살아가는 평범한 한 시민의 불안한 심리가 반영된 나레이션 형식의 영상작업이다.

My Way_single-channel video,12 min_2008