A Reverie in the Fog 안개 잠
video installation
fog, single channel video screen(11min 39sec)

*Performer: Lee Gukhwa
*Colourist: Kim Jungho
*Assistant: Lee Sujin
*Photographer: Hong Jinwon

*Exhibition History:
2020 The Material of the Audience, Blume Museum of Contemporary Art(Paju, South Korea)
2016 Home Cinema, Daegu Art Museum(Daegu, S.Korea)
2015 Solo Exhibition 'In My Sky at Twilight', Sungkok Art Museum(Seoul, S.Korea)

Borrowing the motive from the mermaid statue in ‘Mangbuseok’, the legend of a woman turned into stone awaiting for the return of her dead husband, this work reflects the spirit of those who await for their missed ones.

미지의 안개너머 속에서 그리워하는 이를 기다리는 현재를 살아가는 이의 마음속 풍경으로, 망부석 설화와 인어공주 도상(像)을 빌려와 영상작업으로 표현한 작업.

A Reverie in the Fog 안개 잠, 2015

<em>In My Sky at Twilight</em> at Sungkok Art Museum(Seoul, 2015)
installation view: In My Sky at Twilight at Sungkok Art Museum(Seoul, 2015)